Gambling - Fun Or Addiction?

Addiction is a word one is very familiar with. However, an addiction would always be in relation to some medication or drug. Can someone be addicted to gambling? Gambling is something that is done for fun by many and a serious hobby by a few. But, gambling can be an addiction and one could get really addicted to it if not noticed in the early stages. Why? So, why does one get addicted to gambling? Playing a casino game is very similar to playing a game of football or tennis. So, how does the brain perceive this activity differently? When we play at a casino, betting real money, there is a lot of risks involved. One gets anxious and their adrenaline starts rushing due to the anxiety. When one wins, the high they feel, the rush of emotions that flood their brain makes them feel good and happy about the outcome.

Over a period of time, whether they win or lose, the brain gets addicted to the anxiety and adrenaline rush felt while placing a bet and seeing those cards being dealt or the wheel is being spun. When this behavior continues, the person stops bothering about the money won or lost and starts betting all they have, slowly slipping into debts and other financial problems. Just like a person would feel a rush when they take some drug, the gambling addicts feel a rush they just don't want to let go of. As time goes by, they build resistance to an activity they are doing on a regular basis and want more. This is where the bets go higher despite the person being in a debt or losing a lot of money.

Difficult To Stop

So, why can't they just stop visiting a casino or playing online games? It is not that simple. Stopping a gambling addict from playing the games that give him a rush is similar to stopping a person from drug abuse. They experience the withdrawal symptoms and will seek a chance to play their favorite game. These symptoms can include irritation, anxiety, irritation, etc, just like any other addiction.

Be Cautious

So how does one ensure they do not slip into this addiction, despite playing these games frequently? Do they stop gambling all together? No, one need not stop playing these games to ensure they are on safe grounds.

Here are some simple ways to ensure you enjoy gambling and casino games without becoming an addict

Limit your time spent on casino games, be it in a real casino or online. Ensure it is not more than a few hours a week or a few minutes a day.

Bet Limit

Limit the amount of money you bet, every time you play. Set aside an amount for each day of play, no matter how many hours you have that particular day. Just because a meeting got canceled and you have two more hours on hand, does not mean it has to be spent gambling. Knowing this can stop one from becoming an addict. Playing these games can be healthy as long as they don't drain you of all the money you have. An effective way to ensure you don't spend all your money is to have a separate bank account for this purpose. Transfer your fixed amount to this account before you start playing. Now, when the money in this account is over, your time is up. You will have to go home. This is again a way of taking control, which will ensure you don't slip into an addiction.

Time Limit

When the time is limited and you stick to it, you will not be able to exceed your play. You will be in control of your actions and be able to stop when your time is up, shows you are still in control.

A Friend

Take a friend with you. this will not only make it more fun as you have a known face to play with and make merry with, it will also serve as having someone around to hold your back. It is easy to get carried away when you are in a crowded environment that is screaming and cheering you on when you are having a winning streak. This friend with you will be the one to stop you when the going is good so that you can take some of that money back home and have the energy to enjoy it. Similarly, if you are having a bad streak, he will be the person to make you see sense and stop you from betting all your hard earned money in a hope to win it all back.

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